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Is It Time To 10X Your Business?

We are Brad Averhill Digital Marketing. In 1995 we built our first website, and have been in love with the internet and digital marketing ever since.

When we look back on the history of digital marketing,  we have to remind ourselves we have been providing digital marketing longer than Google has been around. Google started September 1998.

Over our 20 years in business, we’ve had the priviledge of working with clients like; Ford Motor Company, Apple, General Motors, 3M, Hewlett Packard, Chase Bank, Citi Bank and a we also have some amazing small businesses which we love to help grow.

We are not about awards, so you won’t hear us telling you we are a top award winning digital marketing agency, or how we are a Google Premier Partner. Let’s face facts, if you’re a Google Premier Partner – all that it really says is they are good at spending their clients money on pay-per-click ads. Now if they are award winning agency, they find it more important to impress their peers to get the award, than to generate more leads and customers. You need to decide what kind of digital marketing agency you want to work with, and we hope you will choose to do business with Brad Averhill Digital Marketing. Oh… and as humble as we can be, we still work with fortune 500 companies.

Let’s Dominate Your Competition!


  • Do you wonder how your company compares to your competition?
  • Why does your competitor rank higher than you?
  • What are they doing right, that you're doing wrong?
The competition analysis is a thorough investigation of your top 5 competitors. Once you complete the short form, we will review the information, and arrange a time that is convenient to have a quick chat of about 10 - 15 minutes before we begin work on your custom competitor report. *Limit 1 Competition Analysis per company.

Our Services Fit Your Business & Your Goals


Get your business the exposure it demands and dominate the search engine rankings with Google, Bing and Yahoo. All digital paths leads to you.


Our digital marketing strategy drives more visitors to your website. We convert visitors to leads, and become customers. You will sell more stuff.


We will grow your business with a constant stream of new laser targeted visitors to your website that actually want to do business with you.


We develop winning inbound digital marketing campaigns with lead acquisition, retention, CRO, with a goal of engagement and 10X your business.


We're a team of 35 digital professionals, and we look at our clients as friends and business partners. If we help you grow and succeed we will benefit as well.


As long as you are happy with the results, stay with us. You're paying for results and that's what we deliver every minute of everyday, month in - month out.


First pages ranking is nice, but, we want you to dominate and take over multiple listings on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Our proprietary process will deliver. Grow big or go home.


Every month you will receive reports with rankings and other important information. We alert you to any possible issues and detail the work we performed for you.


Strategy is key to success. We do organic 100% natural marketing. We don't cut corners or use any techniques that create a risk. We don't play games with your business.

Parkersburg Digital Marketing Services


In-bound marketing is the key, the "holy grail" of digital marketing and generating more lead that become customers. You need the right type of marketing at the right time.



The core of internet marketing hinges on the quality of your website for attracting new visitors and converting them to customers. If your website is not converting its time for a change.


Just having a website and a blog is not digital marketing. In today's marketing jungle you need your message to stand out in the crowd. Content marketing is just one more part of the digital jigsaw.



Your reputation is everything. In days gone by we called it word-of-mouth, now that your life and business is online for everyone to see reputation management and reviews are critical.


Advanced sales funnels, A/B and MV testing are just a couple of tools used for CRO. Website design, sales funnels and automation are fine tuned for the visitor journey.


Automation of you're marketing processes makes for a more efficient process of moving your visitors to prospects, then leads and ends with success of turning them into a customer.



SEO in 2016 has dramatically changed from what it once was. From technical on-page search engine optimisation to content marketing, social media, CTR, link building, micro conversions and inbound marketing all play a role in how your website ranks. We deliver guaranteed results with our proven process.


Reaching your customers where they spend their time. Buy targeted advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram and others social media platforms, and follow that up with laser focused Re-marketing (re-targeting) ads to reduce your acquisition cost and increase your ROI.


Custom lead generation programs designed with natural and paid media that gets more customers to your website, social media and paid advertising.  We have the experience and expertise to create successful lead generation strategies and a comprehensive plan for its' execution.



Social media, the buzz, going viral whatever you want to call it, this is one part of your seo strategy that can't be overlooked. It's about a conversation, not yelling at them.


We leverage the power of email to help you nurture your relationships with those in all stages of your buying cycle. Deliver the right personalized messages at the right time.


Outreach marketing also known as blogger or PR outreach that develops opportunities for you to have your message delivered to new audiences with various outreach channels.

We are a data-driven, Parkersburg digital marketing agency. We drive growth,improve conversion rates, generate leads, and focus on your business goals.

Handling customer relationships across various digital channels is extremely significant for brands today. Effective digital media services are always able to cause customer engagement and business ROI. In order to bring customers towards a specific merchandise, however, the digital strategies have to be relevant and of great quality. Some of the strategies include brand strategy, content marketing, data analytics, applicable advertising campaigns, digital media planning and buying, search engine optimization, social media marketing and technology.

Insights-driven strategies, performance driven technology that is powerful, search promotion and eye catching graphs, can contribute to efficient advertising.

Brand strategy: It requires accessibility to data and insights for successful brand building strategies. Creating a linked brand needs the appropriate combination of marketing across various digital stations. A full suite of tactical digital services can help a brand connect with the customers. Comprehending the brand’s strengths and weaknesses and comprehending why should engage with the brand is really important.

Data Analytics: Just collecting data is not enough. In order to create powerful impact on the company ROI brands have to make optimizations after data collection. Brands have to take digital initiatives that involve mining and analysis. Through such audience analysis, brands must construct people-focused advertising techniques and work towards bringing more customers.

Content Marketing: Smart digital marketers know the power of the manner and content it can drive booking and brand performance. Creating good quality content, optimizing it, packaging it appropriate for applicable audiences and making it shareable, is the key to good online marketing. Companies are also resorting to mobile-first technologies for sharing top-tier content, which, subsequently, is heightening audience knowledge about a brand and its services.

Social Media Marketing: It’s important to stand out from the rest by not only creating excellent quality content but also floating them in unique social media stages where the content will be consumed by your audiences.

Folks use search to cut out the middleman and go straight to the pages that they wish to see. And for this, remaining visible online is really important. As a result, a comprehensive search engine optimization strategy is vital. Talking your customers’ language and offering them what they’re searching for is of prime importance. And this can only be reached by examining customer behavior and implementing a marketing strategy to optimize ROI.

Many businesses or brands live with the assumption that just going online is satisfactory to gain all those benefits the internet offers. This is not the case as having a well-developed and feature-rich site is just half the job done, as the other half calls for its promotion on the world wide web. A company WOn’t have the capacity to accomplish to its target market and leverage the full potential of the digital space without marketing the website. Digital marketing is important as it gives businesses the opportunity to tap into distinct routes and build their base by attaining to users across the world.

The objective of digital marketing is to foster the comprehension of the company, enhance its visibility on the web and spread its messages to the market. In this kind of advertising, pros use exceptional strategies and provide gains from procedures as varied as ORM, SMO, SEO, PPC and display media. To begin with, they understand its objectives and analyse the company and based apparatus an appropriate marketing strategy, on that. The goal is to take the business to different channels on the world wide web and foster its visibility among the users. More thus, seek prospects out of them and efforts are made to get the attention of target audience.

Essentially, ads or marketing campaigns are run so that prospects or more users are attained at to help companies realize their goals linked to exposure, sales or brand building.

Additionally, the purpose of digital marketing would be to inform, enrich and amuse the target audience and get their focus. This kind of advertising involves distributing messages and thoughts through images, texts, videos, graphics and whatever helps capture the attention of users on the internet. User engagement is sought and businesses are delivered the chance to to build a real-time interaction with their market. As a result, a business can get reviews and opinions from its customers and based on that, can take steps to solve their problems or grievances. What is more, measurable results are produced which give the chance of understanding what is going right and what not.

In a nutshell, digital marketing is a method to bring brand consciousness and a first-class brand engagement, which often helps the company in constructing its base and realizing its aims. Given so many advantages to reach, just digital advertising pros should be hired by a business and understand its aims easily. It’d subsequently lose lots of prospects that were simple to gain, if it didn’t. Thus, be attentive and hire only the specialists for your promotion requirements. We can even help businesses in Wheeling, Birmingham and even Lakewood

Got Questions About Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing can be confusing. So to make things easy for you just give us a call and we can explain  seo, social media marketing, content marketing, reputation management, inbound marketing or anything.

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